I’m continuing my series of articles for the Princeton Companion to Mathematics with my article on the Schrödinger equation – the fundamental equation of motion of quantum particles, possibly in the presence of an external field. My focus here is on the relationship between the Schrödinger equation of motion for wave functions (and the closely related Heisenberg equation of motion for quantum observables), and Hamilton’s equations of motion for classical particles (and the closely related Poisson equation of motion for classical observables). There is also some brief material on semiclassical analysis, scattering theory, and spectral theory, though with only a little more than 5 pages to work with in all, I could not devote much detail to these topics. (In particular, nonlinear Schrödinger equations, a favourite topic of mine, are not covered at all.)

As I said before, I will try to link to at least one other PCM article in every post in this series. Today I would like to highlight Madhu Sudan‘s delightful article on information and coding theory, “Reliable transmission of information“.

[Update, Oct 3: typos corrected.]

[Update, Oct 9: more typos corrected.]