As you may have noticed, I had turned off the “Snap preview” feature on this blog (which previews any external link that the mouse hovers over) for a few weeks as an experiment. After a mixed response, I have decided to re-enable the feature for now, but would be interested in getting feedback on whether this feature makes noticeable differences (both positive and negative) to the viewing experience (in particular, to the loading time of the web page), so that I can decide whether to permanently re-enable it. (In the link above, incidentally, it is noted that one can turn off all snap preview windows by following an options link to set a cookie.)

This post would also be a good forum to discuss any other formatting and presentation issues with this blog (wordpress blogs are remarkably customisable). For instance, I have been looking out for a way to enable previewing of comments, but as far as I can tell this appears to not be possible on wordpress. But if anyone knows some workaround or substitute for this feature, I would like to hear about it.

[Update, Oct 17: Judging from the comments, the response to Snap preview continues to be mixed. But I have discovered how to turn Snap preview on and off for individual articles or links. So I will keep Snap preview on for Wikipedia links and off for the rest; see the articles currently in the front page of this blog for examples of this. I also note that in the Snap preview options menu, there are options to turn Snap off permanently, or to increase the delay before the preview shows up.

Also, following suggestions in the comments, I have darkened the text and also changed the blockquote format, in order to increase readability, and also changed the RSS feed from summaries to the full article (or more precisely, the portion of the article before the jump). ]

[Update, Oct 18: Comments moved to just below the post, as opposed to below the sidebar.]