1. In a previous post, I noted John Baez’s thread discussing his incipient article for the Notices of the AMS, entitled “What do mathematicians need to know about blogging?”.  John has now completed an initial draft of his article and is welcoming comments on it here. [Update, Oct 2: the article has now been submitted, incorporating much of the feedback.]
  2. In another previous post, I talked about the forthcoming Google Wave platform being developed currently by Google, and its potential usefulness for online mathematical collaborative projects, such as the polymath projects.  My brother, who is one of the developers for this project, has just informed me that there are now a limited number of invites available to others who would like to develop specific Wave extensions or other projects (see for instance his own blog post, aimed at the GNOME community).  As I understand it, the Wave platform is not yet ready for general use, so these invites would be intended for technical developers (or preferably, a group of developers) who would be working on specific projects.  (For instance, I understand that there is already a preliminary extension for encoding LaTeX in a Wave, but it could be developed further.)  If any readers are interested, one can request an invite directly from the Google Wave page, or I can forward requests to my brother.  [At some point, I may ask for help in trying to build a Wave platform for the next generation of Polymath projects, but this will probably not occur for several months yet, due to a large number of other things on my plate (including existing Polymath projects).]