[Some advertising on behalf of my department.  The inaugural 2009 scholarship was announced on this blog last year. – T.]

Last year, the UCLA mathematics department launched a scholarship opportunity for entering freshman students with exceptional background and promise in mathematics. We intend to offer one new scholarship every year. 

The UCLA Math Undergraduate Merit Scholarship provides for full tuition, and a room and board allowance for 4 years. In addition, scholarship recipients follow an individualized accelerated program of study, as determined after consultation with UCLA faculty.  [For instance, this year’s scholarship recipient is currently taking my graduate real analysis class – T.] The program of study leads to a Masters degree in Mathematics in four years.

More information and an application form for the scholarship can be found on the web at:
To be considered for Fall 2011, candidates must apply for the scholarship and also for admission to UCLA on or before November 30, 2010.