As I have done in the last three years, I am spending some time at the beginning of this year converting some of my posts on this blog into book format.  This time round, the situation is a bit different because the majority of mathematical posts last year came from three courses I have taught: random matrices, higher-order Fourier analysis, and measure theory.  These topics are sufficiently unrelated to each other, and to the other mathematical posts from 2010, that I am thinking of having as many as four distinct books this time around, though my plans are not yet definite in this regard.

In any event, I have started the process by converting the measure theory notes to book form, a draft copy of which is now available here.  I have also started up a stub of a book page for this text, though it has little content at present beyond that link.    I will be continuing to work on it in parallel with the rest of the conversion process.  As always, any comments and corrections are very welcome.