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Mini-polymath4 discussion thread

I’ve just opened the research thread for the mini-polymath4 project over at the polymath blog to collaboratively solve one of the six questions from this year’s IMO.  This year I have selected Q3, which is a somewhat intricate game-theoretic question.  (The full list of questions this year may be found here.) This post will serve as […]

Mini-polymath4 begins in three hours

Just a reminder that the mini-polymath4 project will begin in three hours at Thu July 12 2012 UTC 22:00.

Mini-polymath3 discussion thread

I’ve just opened the research thread for the mini-polymath3 project over at the polymath blog.  I decided to use Q2 of this year’s IMO, in part to see how the polymath format copes with a geometric problem.  (The full list of questions for this year is available here.) This post will serve as the discussion thread of the […]

Mini-polymath3 begins in 24 hours

Just a reminder that the mini-polymath3 project begins in 24 hours, on July 19, 8pm UTC.

Mini-polymath 3 time and date

Following the results from the recent poll on this blog, the mini-polymath3 project (which will focus on one of the problems from the 2011 IMO) will start at July 19 8pm UTC, and be run concurrently on this blog, on the polymath wiki, and on the polymath blog.

Mini-polymath 3: 2011 IMO question

In the last two years, I ran a “mini-polymath” project to solve one of the problems of that year’s International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).  This year, the IMO is being held in the Netherlands, with the problems being released on July 18 and 19, and I am planning to once again select a question (most likely the […]

Mini-polymath2 discussion thread

I’ve just opened the Mini-polymath2 project over at the polymath blog.  I decided to use Q5 from the 2010 IMO in the end, rather than Q6, as it seems to be a little bit more challenging and interesting. This post will serve as the discussion thread of the project, intended to focus all the non-research […]

Mini-polymath2 start time

In view of feedback, I have decided to start the mini-polymath2 project at 16:00 July 8 UTC, at which time I will select one of the 2010 IMO questions to solve.  The actual project will be run on the polymath blog; this blog will host the discussion threads and post-experiment analysis.

Organising mini-polymath2

This is a continuation of the preceding post regarding the setting up of the mini-polymath2 project.  From the discussion, it seems that it is best to start at some fixed time, either on July 8 or July 9, to ensure an orderly opening to the project and also so that I can select which of […]

Future mini-polymath project: 2010 IMO Q6?

About a year ago, as an experiment, I set up on this blog a “mini-polymath” project, in which readers were invited to collaboratively solve the sixth question on the 2009 International Mathematical Olympiad (aka “the grasshopper problem”).  After two or three days of somewhat chaotic activity, multiple solutions to this problem were obtained, and have […]