I am complementing this blog with a Google+ feed (which evolved from a now inactive Google Buzz feed). This feed contains a number of short posts, mostly of a mathematical nature, that are too brief or trivial to merit a post on this blog.  (On the other hand, the blog posts here should also be automatically reposted in the Google+ feed.)

The comment policy for my blog is also applicable to the buzz feed; I request that comments be constructive, polite, and at least tangentially related to the topic at hand.  Comments that involve personal attacks, which do not advance the conversation, are self-promoting or are otherwise not relevant to the main topic will be subject to deletion.

The Google+ format does not directly support LaTeX.  However, one can mimic LaTeX support by installing some version of the “TeX the world” plugin.  This plugin can be installed on the following browsers:

Once one does so, any text such as [; e^{\pi i} + 1 = 0 ;] that is between brackets and semicolons as indicated will be converted to LaTeX in your browser (though note that it will still be rendered as plain text in browsers in which TeX the world is not installed).   Note that this code might not work perfectly in Gmail environments.