Short Communications Satellite 2022

Registration Template (from  April 13, 2022)

Be sure to copy all lines between and including the (======) into your email program.  Change the entries to your information and send it to the email address. Make sure your contact email address matches the email account you use to send this.

====== TO be sent to ======
======BEGIN SCS 2022 Registration ======
My contact email:
Family Name:: Paseman
Given Name:: Gerhard R.
Country:: USA
Affiliation:: N/A (not applicable)
Poster Title:: A Continued Fraction For $\sum_{0 \le i \le r} {m \choose i}$
Poster Section:: 13 Combinatorics
Slide Title:: Jumping Primes: Some Combinatorial Methods
Slide Section:: 3 Number Theory, 13 Combinatorics
Volunteer?(Y/N):: YES
Judge?(Y/N):: NO
Review Sections:: 1,3,13
====== Additional Entry Information ======
====== for entries with more than one section, author, etc. ======
Display Name: G. R. Paseman (he/him)
Location:: San Francisco Bay Area (122 W 37 N)
Poster Sections:: 3,15,7 
P. Authors:: G. P. Stevens : G. R. Paseman
P. Affiliations:: University of Australia : 
P. Abstract:: We exhibit generalized continued fractions for a
partial sum of binomial coefficients.  We use the convergents 
to approximate the sum and apply some of these convergents
to give alternate proofs of some results of Glasby.
P. Keywords:: Eulers continued fraction ; logistic function ; combinatorial optimization
Slide Sections:: 14, 9, 2, 19
S. Authors:: G. O' Brox : G. Paseman : G. Rourke
S. Affiliations:: University of Smith :   : Coimbra College
S. Abstract::  We examine an algorithm template, one form of which
leads to a version of Eratosthenes Sieve.  This form leads to a new
perspective on questions in prime number theory and algebraic number theory
S. Keywords:: Grimm's conjecture ; prime gaps ; smooth numbers
Experimental Format(s):: Animated Gifs 
====== SCS 2022 Feedback - less than ten lines please ======
Feedback::  I would like to judge only section 5 Geometry papers, but have no experience.
How do I submit an experimental entry?  I want to include an animated gif to display alongside
my poster.
======END SCS 2022 Registration ======

Organizers: G. Paseman, T. Tao  .