To: Professor Bill Lovegrove,
Vice Chancellor and President of USQ
Date: Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 4:43 AM

Dear Professor Lovegrove:

I am writing you as the President of the International Mathematical
Union (

At the meeting of the Executive Committee of our Union, we discussed the
situation of mathematics in Australia in connection with the plan of the
University of Southern Queensland to seriously reduce the size of the
mathematics faculty and eliminate the undergraduate major in mathematics.

The Executive Committee wishes to express its concern with these
developments. The importance of mathematical methods is growing fast in
a vast array of areas, from computing to economics to urban planning to
environment protection, and in most countries in the world we experince
a rapidly increasing demand for the technical, yet universal, skills
that mathematical education provides.

We would like to urge the University of Southern Queensland to carefully
consider the general trends and weigh financial gains against the long
term benefits of a training in mathematics that goes beyond the material
offerred in service courses. A research and education community is easy
to destroy but difficult to build up.

Sincerely yours

Laszlo Lovasz
President of the IMU

Hon. Julia Gillard, MP, Prime Minister and Minister for Education
Hon. Anna Bligh, MP, Premier of Queensland
Hon. Rod Welford, MP, Minister for Education and the Arts. Queensland
Professor Kurt Lambeck, President, Australian Academy of Science
Ms. Bobbie Brazil, Chancellor of USQ

Used with permission.