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IMO 2009 Q6 mini-polymath project: impressions, reflections, analysis

The mini-polymath project to find solutions to Problem 6 of the 2009 IMO is still ongoing, but I thought that, while the memories of the experience are still fresh, it would be a good time to open a parallel thread to collect the impressions that participants and observers had of how the project was conducted, […]

IMO 2009 Q6 mini-polymath project cont.

Well, participation in the IMO 2009 Q6 polymath project has exceeded my expectations; it appears that the collaborative effort has scored some partial successes toward a solution in the first 24 hours of its existence, but is not quite there yet. As the thread has become overly long, I am following established polymath practice and […]

IMO 2009 Q6 as a mini-polymath project

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) consists of a set of six problems, to be solved in two sessions of four and a half hours each.  Traditionally, the last problem (Problem 6) is significantly harder than the others.  Problem 6 of the 2009 IMO, which was given out last Wednesday, reads as follows: Problem 6. Let […]

Updates on the two polymath projects

Two quick updates with regards to polymath projects.  Firstly, given the poll on starting the mini-polymath4 project, I will start the project at Thu July 12 2012 UTC 22:00.  As usual, the main research thread on this project will be held at the polymath blog, with the discussion thread hosted separately on this blog. Second, the […]

Two polymath projects

Two polymath related items for this post. Firstly, there is a new polymath proposal over at the polymath blog, proposing to attack the “hot spots conjecture” (concerning a maximum principle for a heat equation) in the case when the domain is an acute-angled triangle (the case of the right and obtuse-angled triangles already being solved). […]