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In the discussion on what mathematicians need to know about blogging mentioned in the previous post, it was noted that there didn’t seem to be a single location on the internet to find out about mathematical blogs.  Actually, there is a page, but it has been relatively obscure – the Mathematics/Statistics subpage of the Academic Blogs wiki.  It does seem like a good idea to have a reasonably comprehensive page containing all the academic mathematics blogs that are out there (as well as links to other relevant sites), so I put my own maths blogroll onto the page, and encourage others to do so also (though you may wish to read the FAQ for the wiki first).

It may also be useful to organise the list into sublists, and to add more commentary on each individual blog.  (In theory, each blog is supposed to have its own sub-page, though in practice it seems that very few blogs do at present.)

John Baez has been invited to write a short opinion piece for the Notices of the AMS to report about the maths blogging phenomenon to the wider mathematical community, and in the spirit of that phenomenon, has opened up a blog post to solicit input for that piece, over at the n-Category café.  Given that the readers here are, by definition, familiar with mathematical blogging, I thought that some of you might like to visit that thread to share your own thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of this mode of mathematical communication.