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I’m encountering a sporadic bug over the past few months with the way WordPress renders or displays its LaTeX images on this blog (and occasionally on other WordPress blogs).  On most computers, it seems to work fine, but on some computers, the sizes of images are occasionally way off, leading to extremely distorted and fairly unreadable versions of the images appearing in blog posts and comments.  A sample screenshot (with accompanying HTML source), supplied to me by a reader, can be found here (in which an image whose dimensions should be 321 x 59 are instead being displayed as 552 x 20).  Is anyone else encountering this issue?  The problem sometimes can be resolved by refreshing the page, but not always, so it is a bit unclear where the problem is coming from and how one might mitigate it.  (If nothing else, I can add it to the bug collection post, once it can be reliably replicated.)

By and large, I am quite happy with the LaTeX support provided by wordpress, which hosts my blog (and many other maths blogs out there); it is certainly superior to the maths support of most other off-the-shelf blog formats I have looked at. But it does have some annoying bugs and quirks; a lot of perfectly good LaTeX gets converted into “Formula does not parse”.

It occurred to me that maybe one should start a page that collects all the known bugs so that they can be sent at some point to the wordpress programmers to fix. So, here is my initial list of known bugs: any other wordpress users out there are very welcome to contribute their own.

Convention: I will drop the “latex” when I want to show a fragment of LaTeX source code without making it compile, e.g.

$\int_{-\infty}^\infty e^{-\pi x^2}\ dx = 1$ becomes \int_{-\infty}^\infty e^{-\pi x^2}\ dx = 1.

[Update, Feb 14: The bugs have now been fixed; see comments below.]

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